The X-ray database is held in the SQLite3 file xraydb.sqlite. If you are looking for direct use with SQLite, you can download this from xraydb.sqlite.

If you want to use XrayDB from Python, install the XrayDB Python module (which includes the sqlite database), with:

pip install xraydb

If you are using Anaconda Python, you can also install with:

conda install -c gsecars xraydb

Depending on your system and Python installation, you may need administrative privileges to install any python library. For many linux and Mac OS X systems, you may need to use sudo.


The Python module supports Python 3.5 and above.

Development Version

To work with the data sources or to add or modify data in the XrayDB, you will want to clone or download the full source code kit xrayDB on which contains the current database, original source data, python module, and files for generating the Periodic Table posters. To get the latest development version, use:

git clone


There are a set of tests scripts for the Python interface that can be run with the pytest testing framework. These are located in the python/tests folder. These tests are automatically run as part of the development process. For any release or any master branch from the git repository, running pytest should run all of these tests to completion without errors or failures.